High-performance batteries require significant cobalt resources. Lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) is widely used in lithium ion battery cathodes.  The rapidly expanding markets for rechargeable batteries and renewable energy in the United States and around the world have sparked an unprecedented demand for cobalt, which reached $8 billion in 2017. [1] Much of the world’s cobalt supplies come from areas of the world plagued by political conflict and marked by child labor, making ethically responsible cobalt sourcing difficult. [2]

Given the demand being driven by Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen, Panasonic and other industry leaders for high-performance batteries that can power the growing electric vehicle market, a large and stable source of cobalt that can be ethically and reliably produced in the United States is a significant improvement in the global market.

The Madison County, MO, mine owned and operated by Missouri Cobalt holds an estimated 35 million pounds of recoverable cobalt, likely making it the largest such reserve in North America. The company is committed to reliable, on-time delivery of clean and ethically-produced cobalt that will support the advancement of America’s renewable energy resources.


rockcobalt colro.jpg

Facts About Cobalt

Atomic number: 27
Atomic symbol: Co
Atomic weight: 58.933
Density: 8.86 grams / cubic cm
Melting point: 2723˚F / 1495˚C
Boiling point: 5301˚F / 2927˚C



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