Missouri Cobalt, LLC was formed by J. Randall Waterfield, CEO of Waterfield Holdings and Stacy W. Hastie, CEO of Environmental Operations, Inc., in response to tremendous momentum in the high-performance battery market, driven by electric vehicle makers Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen, Panasonic and other industry leaders. These high-performance batteries require significant cobalt resources. The annual demand for cobalt reached $8 billion in 2017. 

The company’s ability to provide customers a stable, reliable, on-time and clean source for this vital material makes it a significant player in the cobalt market.


Missouri Cobalt, LLC Officers:

Chief Executive Officer: Michael R. Hollomon, II
Vice President/General Counsel: John J Diehl, Jr.
Vice President/Director of Operations: Marty Thomas
Vice President/ Director of Finance:  Thomas Bene