Our Company


Michael R. Hollomon II, CEO

“Missouri Cobalt is committed to creating a positive impact on people, on our environment, the communities where we work and society at large. We are building a great company, one that will contribute to the success of our customers, our people and our world.”



Our Values

When we created Missouri Cobalt in 2018, we understood the shortcomings of the industry we were entering. That’s why we are committed to a healthy workplace, supply chain transparency, conflict-free minerals and careful environmental stewardship.


Our Mission

To be the world’s premiere responsible source for high-quality strategic minerals, offering critical materials to industry using reliable, sustainable and transparent practices.

 What Drives Us


Safety First

Safety is our number one priority. We are intent on creating the safest work environment in the world. [Metrics]

Environmental Stewardship

The Principals at Missouri Cobalt have extensive background in environmental clean up and we are committed to being good stewards of the land - leaving it better than it was when we began. One of our strategic goals for 2019 is to complete our Corporate Sustainability Framework (CSF), which will include a Code of Conduct for all employees, a Sustainability, Ethics and Governance Committee to scrutinize our efforts in real time, and External Assurance Principles which will outline our pledge to comport with a variety of national and international compacts, standards and programs, in addition to our strict adherence to regulatory commitments. We will publish the Missouri Cobalt CSF in the first quarter of 2020 and Corporate Sustainability Reports each year thereafter.

Reliable, Conflict-Free Supply

Missouri Cobalt has the largest near term primary cobalt reserve in North America and we intend to leverage the great working men and women of the State of Missouri to help us power a cleaner future. When we created Missouri Cobalt in 2018, we understood the shortcomings of the industry we were entering. That’s why we are committed to a transparent supply chain providing reliable, conflict-free minerals.

Skilled Workforce

Our highly skilled and experienced workforce is a game-changer in this industry. These great workers are the backbone of America and we are proud to have them here at Missouri Cobalt.

Driving the Future

The market for battery materials is changing and growing. We are at the convergence of a revolution in two major industries, energy and automotive. Electric batteries are fueling this revolution and the demand for Cobalt/Nickel and Copper are critical to this market. Global demand for Cobalt in batteries is expected to rise threefold by 2025 and we intend to be at the forefront of this burgeoning industry, providing local jobs and revenues for Missouri and for the United States.