Madison Mine Project


Missouri Cobalt began the environmental cleanup at its Madison County, MO, operation in early 2018. Between proven and inferred reserves, the Madison mine holds an estimated 35 million pounds of recoverable cobalt, likely making it the largest such reserve in North America. The company anticipates obtaining a mining permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) in 2018 but expects to begin producing an existing cobalt product on-site in mid 2019. The full Missouri Cobalt operation, including on-site cobalt processing, will follow by 2020.

The site also contains an estimated 51 million pounds of nickel and 65 million pounds of copper.

Environmental remediation at the Missouri Cobalt site will employ up to 50 people. The new mining operation will create more than 250 permanent local jobs, plus construction jobs. In total, the project will produce some 600-700 temporary and permanent jobs.


Madison Mine Processing Plant

Missouri Cobalt has completed commissioning on its new froth flotation facility; the Madison Mine Processing Plant (MMPP).

Froth Flotation is the most widely used method for ore benefaction whereby valuable minerals are separated from other non-valuable minerals by inducing them to gather in and son the surface of a froth layer. Froth flotation is particularly effective in recovering cobalt, nickel and copper minerals from above e ground ore stocks and underground ores.

The MMPP is designed to handle 300-360 tons per day of feed and can produce 1000-1500 tons per month of salable concentrate.